I am an artist and maker based in Woolacombe, North Devon.

I paint mainly using acrylics on canvas, creating both abstract expressive and more traditional style paintings based around coastal lifestyle featuring the coastline where I live, surf culture and images inspired by my travels across the world.

As well as producing art prints from my work I also design fabric and have a wide range of products featuring my artwork from notebooks to leggings to cushions, hand rolled lampshades and everything in between.

I work in 2 distinct seasons, in the spring and summer months the gallery shop is open and busy. My time is spent selling my wares and making lampshades to fulfill orders, if I'm lucky I can steal a few hours here and there to work on a painting in the studio section of the shop...

The winter is the real creative time, the nights draw in and I can dedicate all my time to new works and commissions and designing and sourcing new products for the following season. This is also the time of year to try to escape to warmer climes for some more exotic coastal inspiration!


Painting and making is what I do. Creating something that didn't exist before is always exciting and using the things I create in different ways for different products is a great challenge and gives one design many new lives.

For example a painting can make a beautiful cushion but is the wrong shape for a lampshade or a repeat print for fabric may look silly on a mug it's a case of matching art work to product and sometimes can be a little trial and error!

I love an aerial perspective, my aerial surfers original paintings can be commissioned and a couple of them have made it to print....head over to the shop to have a look!

Keep an eye on my instagram page to see things in the making.


I really enjoy designing new fabrics for lampshades, cushions, and clothing and it is also possible to buy my fabric by the metre for your own projects.

6 new designs have now hit the website.

Everything I make or paint goes straight onto my instagram page so please head over there to stay updated!


I am super proud to have been featured in the 150th edition of Coast magazine.

I couldn't quite believe it when the journalist rang me, I had been thinking about an article for quite a while and I am hoping it will help to drive customers to this very website!

So hello new customers, I'm so glad you have found me!

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