I am super proud to have been featured in the 150th edition of Coast magazine.

I couldn't quite believe it when the journalist rang me, I had been thinking about an article for quite a while and I am hoping it will help to drive customers to this very website!

So hello new customers, I'm so glad you have found me!

My shop is small, jam packed with Art, Crafts, Gifts, Souvenirs & Homewares but at the back there is a studio area where I can paint, make crafts, jewellery and ceramics as well.

Most of my making and painting happens in the winter months when the shop is quiet, the nights draw in, the days are gloomy but I'm in my element creating and making lots of mess...

WE WHO clothing range, started out as a little kernal of an idea somewhere on a beach in Hossegor France in October 2015.

So I got designing and my original logo and lady slider tees have been going down a storm!

I am lucky enough to have lived the vast majority of my life by the beach and I have always been one of those people who can't leave it without a pocket full of 'finds' !

I love to paint, make crafts & artwork from reclaimed materials and like to dabble in ceramics and jewellery making too.....


New ideas are constantly popping up and being pursued into fruition....currently I'm losing my mind collecting rubbish from the shoreline, tying the little bits of plastic together with ghost netting to make artworks which have actually been very well received!

Keep an eye on my instagram page to see things in the making.

As well as fun stuff I also plan to get lots of new products in my web shop so please keep checking back here and don't forget me when you are looking for a gift for someone or for a little treat for yourself!

I like to try my hand at many crafts as well as my lifelong love for painting.

Everything I make or paint goes straight onto my instagram page so please head over there to stay updated!

I think my best new idea of the season are my new range of lampshades! There are currently 6 different designs in 3 different sizes, a fantastic way to add art to your home when you run out of wall space!

They have been really popular and so I am frantically making stock to see me through. They aren't all in the online shop just yet but if you're interested just email, I can send them out by post!

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