Welcome to my little gallery by the sea!

My shop is small, jam packed with Art, Crafts, Gifts, Souvenirs & Homewares but at the back there is a studio area where I can paint, make crafts, jewellery and ceramics as well.

Most of my making and painting happens in the winter months when the shop is quiet, the nights draw in, the days are gloomy but I'm in my element creating and making lots of mess...

WE WHO WANDER....my clothing range, started out as a little kernal of an idea somewhere on a beach in Hossegor France in October 2015.

So I got designing and my original logo and lady slider tees have been going down a storm!

For updates on gallery goings on and new products in the pipeline then please....

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When you decide to buy local, or even better, handmade, you are supporting individuals.

If you think you have a talent for something you need to use it, to develop it and make it great! It is a big risk to follow your passions in life and it feels good to support that someone who has dared to live their dream. You can meet the maker, find out their inspirations, what makes them tick and how they created that little something from nothing...

Also, independent shops make places much more interesting to visit, variety is a wonderful thing and we risk losing it by shopping solely in chain stores on every high street in every town or settling for the convenience of a faceless online store.

If you are interested in finding out more, please find and follow the 'Just a card' campaign on facebook, twitter & Instagram.