So I lost half my season last year due to the wretched virus and so it continues losing Feb half term and a second Easter hols this year as well....the months that I could open in 2020 were busy ones though and it was good to see a lot of you back and I cant wait to hopefully see you all back this season when it finally kicks off!

I'm basically going to gloss over the last 7 months and skip straight to the shop re-furb this Feb...It's finally finished and looking amazing (even if I do say so myself!)

We have painted inside and out, re varnished the floor and put up new signage, this year we've gone midnight blue with glitter added for extra sparkle!

I am also focusing on my own products more, I have lots of new ranges in stock and lines are growing all the time. I am currently sourcing some new bone china crockery featuring my own designs. I'm being brave and coming out of the artistic closet, owning my imposter syndrome and generally trying to get out of my comfort zone...well, that's the plan anyway...even typing it is making my stomach churn!

See ya on the flip side...